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June 26, 2013
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Monster Academy Lorelei by IntergalacticOctopus Monster Academy Lorelei by IntergalacticOctopus
Updated app! Didn't change much but her human form's picture, shes still the same crazy fish person.

Application For :iconmonsteracademy:
Application Created By :iconrawrsexykitty:

Name: Insolita
Age: 72
Monster type/species: Merefolk
Grade: Freshman
Glamour item: Sea Shell Bracelet

Favorite class: MPE

Worst class: History

Current Classes: M.P.E, Human Studies

Passed Classes: ---

Current Points: 9,915

Natural weapons: Teeth & Claws
Trained weapons: Fishing Spear, Fishing pole, Illusion Magic


-Blinded by the Light- Due to living most of her life in complete darkness, all the light from the “above world” has a blinding effect. Unless in extremely dark environments Lorelei can only see a few feet in front of her, and even then only in blotches of color.
-Heat- The Deep ocean is an extremely cold environment. Lorelei’s body has adapted to this and is not used to heat. If it gets too hot Lorelei’s body begins to shut down.
-Hydration- Cannot stay out of water for more than 5 hours, otherwise she dries out and has trouble breathing.
-Loud Sounds- Has very sensitive hearing, any loud sounds hurt her physically.
-Strong Scents- Much like her hearing, her sense of smell is also very sensitive. Strong smells can easily overwhelm her.
-Strong Magic- Much more physical in training and has very little resistance to mid/high level magic


Major Skills:
-Illusions- Can cast minor illusions, skill taught to her by her coven. Previously only used on prey, is not very effective on creatures with higher level brains. Currently only other freshman and non-magically inclined older students can be tricked by them.
-Heightened sense- Adapted to living in darkness has heightened all of her senses, this combined with her predatory instincts makes Lorelei very aware of her surroundings.
-Resistance- Lorelei is covered in tough scaly skin, making sharp objects very ineffective against her. Its very similar to shark skin but thicker.

Minor Skills:
-Bioluminescence- Controlled, often used for her illusions
-Night Vision- Can see in complete darkness
-Underwater Breathing- Gills are very useful

---Cheerful ---Truthful ---Friendly
---Confident ---Tactless ---Adventurous
---Curious ---Naive ---Patient
---Laid back ---Blunt

-Speaks very politely and chooses her words carefully, but she still has a hard time grasping social standards and can be very rude without knowing it. Exceptionally friendly and always willing to chat no matter what the subject matter is. Extremely curious and adventurous, not one to turn away from new experiences. She is very sure of herself and rarely second guesses her decisions. It is almost impossible to anger her or dampen her mood, she is just naturally a happy person.

Character's Background:
Most mere-folk live in the vast open areas of the ocean, basking in the sun rays and swimming about the coral. This is where Lorelei was born, but not where she stayed. She found that she disliked these sunny calm waters and went in search for something different at a very young age.

She drifted far from her home and deep into the depths thousands of feet below the surface. It was quite, dark, terrifying… this is where Lorelei felt at home. She joined a coven of sea hags who taught her the ways of the abyss and accepted her as one of their own.

When Lorelei became of age she was sent out into the world on a pilgrimage. She was to travel and find something of value to bring back home to complete their culture’s right of passage. While traveling she came across an old fisherman who had lost his hat out at sea. Lorelei nearly gave the old man a heart attack, he had not been expecting a webbed hand to shoot out of the murky waters and place his hat gently back on the deck.

After this Lorelei often visited John the fisherman when he was on his fishing trips. They soon became friends and Lorelei stayed in his little cabin on the shore. There he taught her how to read, write, speak more fluently, and how to fish of course. Soon a letter arrived addressed to Lorelei, an invitation to an academy! She accepted immediately in hopes that it will help her find something of use to bring back home.
-Eats alone- Avoids eating around others due to the fact her eating habits nauseate most people
-Jaw Unhinges- Not a pretty sight, but useful!
-Fins-Can be laid down so they are barely visible
-Monster-Prefers her monster form, feels weak in her human form
-Rarely Sleeps- Her species only needs 4 hours of sleep a day Prefers to spread these out by taking several naps during the day then sleeping at night
-Name- In Sea Hag culture only those closest to you can call you by your true name
-Collector- She collects nicknacks from around the school and examines them thoroughly before placing them in the lost and found
-Enjoys Carving- One of her favorite hobbies is carving little sculptures out of any material she finds interesting.
-Accent- Often adds an s onto the end of words and occasionally repeats letters Example: ”Sallys sells seeasheells bys the seea shore.”
-Tattoo- Has her coven’s mark tattooed on her mid-back
Roleplay Info:
Roleplay example:
Lorelei tilted her head to the side in curiosity, her fins perking up and her hair falling in dark waves to the side. She simply stood for a moment observing the new creature in front of her. After a small nod she grinned, exposing rows of needle like teeth that filled her mouth to the brim. "Why hello there! Who might you be?"

Roleplay schedule:
- Online usually in the late afternoon or late at night.
-Prefer notes or email
-I try to reply to posts once a day
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